Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Giveaway Disappointment

So it happened again.  No contact from the winner of Minzhe!  I'm not quite sure how to proceed from here.  What do you think?  I guess it never occurred to me that the winner wouldn't want to claim their prize!


  1. Oh boy, I can't believe that either. I have checked back all the time -- just in case! :) Well, I trust that little Minzhe will find a great new home eventually. :)

    Greetings from Munich,

    PS: Please don't be disappointed!

  2. Pues si no lo quiere la ganadora yo si que lo quiero!!!!!!! Con lo enamorada que estoy de Minzhe!! :D
    Igual lo que puedes hacer es volver ha realizar el sorteo para sacar otra ganadora. Es lo que he visto hacer a otras personas en sus blogs.
    Y sino, yo me ofrezco para adoptar a Minzhe :) jijijiji
    Besos desde España


  3. Hi,

    I agree with Birgit, I can't believe that. I missed the deadline and have regretted it. Maybe open the giveaway again and add to the "want" list. (o: Yes, I am being selfish - would love another chance to enter.


  4. No entiendo como te puedes apuntar a un sorteo y luego no quererlo.
    Igual tiene algun problema, que no le ha dejado contestarte.
    Si haces un nuevo sorteo, yo estaria encantada jejejeje
    Feliz domingo
    besitos ascension

  5. I know I would LOVE to win Minzhe!!! And it sounds like there are many others who would be thrilled as well. Do you want to try again?

    Heaps of Hugs,

    P.S. Perhaps next time you have a giveaway you could require people's emails (keeping them confidential, of course)--I've found that works quite well.

  6. Twice is unreal! I assume you're checking your spam files to make sure they didn't get sorted into the wrong place. It just seems odd that he isn't being claimed.
    Such a sure to tell him that many of us were really hoping and hoping to bring him into our homes! He is loved and wanted, for sure!

  7. Perhaps you should have asked for their contact information when gathering giveaway entries. I am sure the right person for Minzhe is out there. You should draw another winner. :o)

  8. I can't believe it either where are peoples heads at. I have been checking all the time in case it was my name he is sooo cute. Perhaps you could try again (says she selfishly) as there seems to be quite a few of us who would love to give him a new home.

  9. I'd love to give him a home! I'd just draw again.Hugs!~Amy

  10. I say draw him again but this time using names you know are active in checking back on the contest that have entered? otherwise you might never rehome him! poor little bear.

  11. sad...I just loved the little bear and would have jumped at the mention of winning him....Will you pick another name please!

  12. I can not beleive that the winner did not claim such a wonderful bear please draw another name I would love tho win the cute little guy.

  13. What a pity, some people who really love to win just back off and some don't even bothering to send back e-mail???
    May be just draw between first 15-20 who will respond to say current discussion?
    All the best,hope Minzhe find mummy!
    All the best on online show.

  14. I agree. Toss the names and hold a brand new Giveaway. There's lots of us who'd love another chance, or with me, a first chance. I seem to always be two hiccups behind.♥

  15. I will adopt Minzhe!!! I have the perfect place on my desk at work. He will be very happy here with me!
    Amy Frazier

  16. Hi,
    Hope everything turned out fine!!!

    I love your bears!

  17. Shanna, I can't believe it! Who in the heck would be silly enough to enter a giveaway for one of your adorable bears and then not check back to see if they were the lucky winner?? I LOVE Minzhe, he can come live in my house any time he wants! Sorry this is happening, hope you can find someone to love him as he should be loved. Deb