Thursday, June 10, 2010

One big bear!!!

After years of doing miniature bears, I finally finished a big bear! I think he is about 16" (completely hand sewn) and is pictured below with my next biggest Sam (who is only 6"). He doesn't have a name just yet (any ideas), and I still think he needs some tweaking (a wow factor he seems to be missing), but I'm happy that he is at least assembled. I made him heavier than I typically make my bears so he snuggles right in and he was my first experience with Trapunto paws (and possibly my last, sooo time consuming). I would love to hear what you think, and any opinions on what to add to give him a little pop. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Aww, he came out beautifully and those pawpads were worth all the work

  2. Shanna, he's lovely! I think he's very cute. Would like to see a closer view of his face. The paw pads are great! Good job with your first big bear! The pic of the two bears is darling.

  3. I really like him too! I like his heaviness, he looks very snuggley. I also really like the paw pads. I know they are time consuming, but they are a standout.